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Four ancient zines of mine ~circa. 2017.

Mild Content Warning: decapitation, dysphoria, partial nudity, injury/blood, guts, blades


  • Intrinsic Comfort - 20 page art zine (traditionally inked)
  • Cycle of woe - mini comic zine
  • We all deserve love - mini poetry/art zine feat. my dragon age inquisitor
  • Feelin' Gross, Feelin' Sick, Feelin' a little _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - mini art zine about dysphoria

Includes 2 pdfs of each, one big one for digital viewing and a second printable version

Instructions for folding mini zines:

  1.  After printing, fold paper in half long ways (hot dog style) 
  2.  From there, fold short ways twice
  3.  Unfold the zine all the way, you should have 8 rectangles
  4.  Looking at the zine in landscape, cut the horizontal line with an exacto knife so that the middle 4 panels are divided into two pairs, top and bottom
  5.  Pinch the fold dividing the 2 rectangles in both the top and bottom pairs, so the backs are touching
  6. Then fold downwards so the zine forms a plus sign if you look from the top
  7. Fold together so that the title page is in front!

Here's a wikihow article if you need visuals: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Zine

Instructions for putting together the art zine:

  1.  Print double sided
  2. fold each paper in half short ways (hamburger style) following the dividing line
  3. nest the pages in each other in the order they were printed
  4. (optional) if you like you can staple it or sew it together to bind it


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Intrinsic Comfort Zine.pdf 2 MB
intrinsic comfort printable.pdf 1 MB
Dysphoric Zine.pdf 2 MB
dysphoric zine printable.pdf 291 kB
Cycle of Woe zine.pdf 337 kB
cycle of woe printable.pdf 122 kB
We All Deserve Love zine.pdf 1 MB
we all deserve love printable.pdf 8 kB

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