Chicken Farmer is a piece of experiential short interactive fiction about perception and assumptions people make about others. There is only one ending.

You are the child of a weaver, on your way to the weekly market. Every week you travel the same way, see the same sights, but there are still things (and people) that pique your interest.


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Chickenz yay! Well if you need an audio guy for a jam then check out my portfolio


This is a good story, but what was the purpose of it? Is there some meaning behind it that I missed? Was this to get accustomed to using Twine? Or perhaps the demo for a bigger story?

Overall, I enjoyed reading and this short bit was good, but I felt like it was heading nowhere at the moment.


For me, nothing happening and having no satisfying conclusion/getting no answers is the purpose of the story! I wanted to explore the ways that people assume things about others, especially regarding gender, based on observations. But in the end, appearances really only tell us so much, as they do with the player character, and because they never interact with the chicken farmer, the player character is doomed to be wrong about who they think the chicken farmer is, if that makes any sense? My intention was for the arc of the story to be the player character realizing how little they truly know, and how, perhaps, any nosiness into the life of this stranger was more voyeuristic than they thought. Of course, you're free to read it anyway you like! (Plus, I admit it's super vague intentionally, but maybe not successfully lol)

Thanks for playing and taking time to comment!

Hmm.. interesting and new concept on ending a story. I guess it adds intrigue that way haha.

I enjoyed the theme of people assuming things and since the story is set to an sort of medieval setting, it does make sense to end on that note because realistically, I figure people would act that way too. But yeah, the vagueness didn't play off successfully though that's just me. Other than that, your story writing is wonderful and I hope you make more Twine.