A bitsy interactive fiction game with a hint of dating sim about an acolyte and their deity reckoning with the end of the world.

- Arrow keys to control

- 3 endings total

- a one shot in my black water verse

- music by me, hacked with this tool

- (Also, my first bitsy game :^)  )

- originally made for the Glitches Are Queer Jam

CWs: (pixel depictions of) violence/murder, a knife/blade, fear of impending apocalypse, upper body nudity


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I found myself wishing that the world could be saved, but accepting that the only good option was to wash it away and start again.

I've also never seen multiple dialogue options in a Bitsy game before, so that's pretty neat!


Yeah the end of the world is hard to spin in a happy way, but I like to think there's a certain brand of hope in there somewhere.

Also thanks! I'm so used to working in Twine that I don't know what to do with myself when I can't have multiple dialogue options lol.

Nice story and ambience. I don't want the world to end either, for i can play lovely bitsies like this one (:

hehe thank you :^)